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    Physio-Led Pilates

    07725357328 - Dianne
    Every Monday (term time only)

    Led by Dianne, a qualified Physiotherapist for 12 years who has completed training in Matwork Pilates with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. I am excited to be starting this new Physio-led Pilates class at Cotebrook Village Hall and look forward to meeting you.

    Pilates is a highly effective, low impact, whole body workout that aims to develop the ‘core’ stabilising muscles, which lie deep around the spine and pelvis, as well as the postural muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle. By developing a strong core you will improve your overall strength, flexibility, function and posture as well as prevent back/neck pain and activity-related injuries. It is also ideal for those with a pre-existing condition/injury who wish to rehabilitate or manage their condition.

    This class is suitable for all abilities, but particularly those with little or no Pilates experience. Each exercise can be modified to suit your level and need. The class will be kept to a maximum of 8 people to ensure I can give each participant the personal attention needed to complete the exercises safely and effectively.

    Cost: £8 per class, pre-paid in term time blocks to promote personal progression. First class free!

    Contact Dianne to book your place and complete a pre-class assessment.